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27 Aug

Hello Dear Followers,

This blog is moving to http://www.daleybytheyard.com/blog.aspx

I hope you’ll follow us there! :)


chair cover

31 Jul

This is an ikea dining chair that I bought 4 years ago, without a cover. I finally got around to making one!


I very simply used this McCall pattern as a base and made alterations as needed.


a little inspiration goes a long way

25 Jul berninapunchtool

our heat wave has finally cooled off, to a point where i put a jacket on going out the door this morning. brr!

as i was sitting here at the shop yesterday, eating my lunch, i thought “i want a new coat”. i don’t really need a new coat. i already have several. but i just started thinking about it. i went upstairs and meandered around, looking at the fabrics, and i got stuck on this one.

it’s designed by tula pink for free spirit, and it’s part of the ‘night shade’ collection. this one is called ‘apothecary’. something about the color, and the little jars, i’m just smitten!

20130725-143428.jpg  so, i decided since i adore the coat i made last year using the ‘lady grey’ pattern by collete, that i’d make it again with new fabric. i cut myself a few yards of a teal green wool, the apothecary cotton, and i went to dig out my pattern. as i was digging, i was thinking about something myself, and cindylee, a member of my asg group, has discussed for a meeting: needle punching. i had some wool roving that my checker rep, pauline, had given me to try out – in what do you know, exactly the right colors!: black and teal green!

Imagei got a marker and a big piece of the wool and drew a skull and crossbones and then drew a cameo design around it. i think filled in the background of the cameo using the green roving using the BERNINA punch tool. once i finished up with the green, i moved onto black and started working on all the details.


i’m really thrilled with how this is coming out. considering that this is my first time playing with a needle punch tool, it doesn’t take much experience to get a good result. the needles do break easily though. that’s annoying, but i think it’s normal.



the plan is to finish up this cameo, and then cut it out, and then punch it onto the lapel piece of the wool for the coat. photos once i’m done with the coat!!

Glimma Quilt

9 Jul

All done!


All done on my Bernina 350 machine. This was such a quick, easy quilt! This is just the top. I’m going to send it out to have it quilted, the big question is, what design to use.

fabric paper dolls

3 Jul

yesterday, i had a shipment of fabric come in from Newcastle, including Paper Doll fabric. It’s so sweet. There are 8 different cultured little girls. I decided to attempt to make actual fabric paper dolls out of them. This is an easy, no-sew project.

i used bosal fusible foam stabilizer. i love, love, love this product. it’s soft and sturdy at the same time. it’s fusible on both sides – so, i chose a coordinating fabric for the back, sandwiched a piece of stabilizer inside, and then put the paper doll fabric on top. i pressed and fused all the pieces together and then let cool. letting it cool is the trick!


Meet Colleen! (I don’t understand why this photo can’t be the way it is on file, straight up… grrr)

I took a sharp pair of scissors carefully to the fused sandwich of fabric/stabilizer, and cut out the dolls. I assembled the little stand, and voila!


And here’s Hasita. A few wonderclips, or velcro, will let you dress and undress your new paper dolls, which are soft and sturdy.

Have fun!

Christmas in July!

25 Jun

Quiltmaker Christmas in July Contest

Have you checked out Quiltmaker’s contest yet? The deadline is August 5th, 2013. All you have to do is a little scavenger hunt around some of my favorite fabric’s websites!

Daley By The Yard will be having a Christmas in July sale – 20% off of all Holiday items, like fabrics, kits, books, patterns, etc. Our Give and Get Back Event is also going on, through September 2nd.

Starting homemade Holiday gifts in the Summer seems ridiculous, but it’s the smartest way to go about it. I usually wait until about October, and then the stress of finishing everything on time eats me alive. I plan to plan all my projects by the end of June, so I can start in July this year.

I have a fabulous, modern Christmas fabric line coming in called “Wishes” and it’s from Newcastle Fabrics. It’s pink, brown, white, and lime green. Talk about not another boring red and green project!

I started, and almost (and by almost, I mean I had one seam left) finished the Urbana quilt top this weekend. However, I left it at home, so I can’t work on it here at the shop today. I’ll finish it up tonight and post some photos tomorrow. It came out so cute, and much bigger than I expected. This might become a Christmas gift if I can get it quilted fast enough.


These placemats came out SO cute. I can’t get over it. Directions at annalenaland.com


These pillow sleeves from Claudia’s Creations also came out darling. All I need now is a beautiful cake with white whipped cream frosting, strawberries, and blueberries – and I think I’m ready for the Fourth!

What kind of decorating and entertaining do you do for Independence Day? Do you have any Fourth of July traditions?


21 Jun

I am so excited about this quilt, and about the class it represents!


I will be whipping up this fabric, which is Lotta Jansdotter’s “Glimma”, into a cool, modern quilt top. The pattern has 2 color way options; chamomile and orange pekoe. I’m obsessed with pink and green, so I’m going with chamomile.

The class that will be coming up in the fall will be teaching cutting and piecing techniques for this quilt top. The kit for this quilt will be provided for you, in the color way you prefer, with the cost of the class.

ImageThe Orange Pekoe color way looks like so:


The kit with all the fabric you’ll need, plus the pattern, will be here waiting for you when you get to class. So, all you’ll need to pack up is your machine, 1/4″ foot, cutting ruler and mat, and you’ll be ready to go!

I hope to see you there!


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